Project ideas 2012/2013

1. Interactive comic for iPad

Design and implement the story Angulimala on the iPad.

Skills required: Programming in Objective C for iOS. Drawing (on paper or computer). XML (for comic definition).

2. Tablet game authoring tool for Thai primary school teachers

Help school teachers make their own tablet games.

Skills required: Java programming for Android (or Objective C for iOS).

3. Learning to write Thai application for Thai primary school students

Use tablets and handwriting recognition to learn Thai.

Skills required: Java programming for Android, or HTML5, or Flash/Actionscript.

4. Naresuan University iPhone and Android apps

Continue development of Naresuan University apps for iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 8. Add link to REG, library and ebooks.

Skills required: Objective C or Java or C#

5. Mobile tourism applications for lower north of Thailand

Continue iPhone/Android apps, and/or add app for Sukhothai, Uttaradit, etc.

Skills required: Objective C and/or Java.

6. Tangible technology

Explore using Kinect or Wiimotes for educational games.

Skills required: Strong programming in any language.

Previous project ideas (2011/12)

All of the following ideas are related to mobile technologies and/or education technology. If you have other ideas on this theme then I will be happy to discuss them with you.

Mysocialmotion iPhone app

Mysocialmotion is a non-profit organisation in Bangkok that has set up a social networking site for 'doing good things'. Their website allows users to share ideas for doing good, and to 'take action'. They would like to develop an iPhone app for users who can 'take action' on the move.

Phitsanulok/Petchaboon/Phichit tourist app

Develop an iPhone or Android app for tourists in the local area. You will work with the Tourism Authority of Thailand which covers Phitsanulok, Petchaboon & Phichit.

Bangkok Social Map

Inspired by UpNext, develop a map application of Bangkok (iPhone or Android). Use the Foursquare API (or similar services) to show interesting places, and the location of friends.

E-learning on Android tablets

Primary school students in Thailand will soon be able to use Android-based tablets at school and at home. Design an application for learning about English or Science. Target students are Pathom 1.

E-learning with Wiimotes

A previous project has successfully developed a C# program for children to learn to tell the time by moving a Wiimote held in each hand. Extend this program so that children can play over the internet.